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“A whole life dedicated to surfing and skateboarding, more than a sport, our lifestyle”

We are located in Deba Beach (Basque Country), we are a young surf and skate school, directed by Iñaki Zabala, Ander Alberdi “Txintxe” and Kepa Lores. Born from the passion for surfing and sliding sports, we have been surfing and skating for more than 20 years. We have traveled all over the world in search of waves and we know our coast and its breakers like no one else 😉

Our school is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. We adapt to the needs of each person to teach them properly. We teach both beginners who want to start, as well as more experienced people through our technique and improvement classes, transmitting all our knowledge and experience in a safe, effective and fun way.


Experience, training and passion



Kepa Lores



Ander Alberdi



Iñaki Zabala

Jon Ansola - Monitor Ipar Surf Skate Eskola Deba Eibar


Jon Ansola

Julen Bollain - Monitor Ipar Surf Skate Eskola Deba Eibar


Julen Bollain

Jon Mugika Monitor Ipar Surf Skate Eskola Deba Eibar


Jon Mujika

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We adapt

  • Learn in the language that best suits you, Basque, Spanish or English.
  • We organize the groups by level and age, groups of between 4 and 6 people.


  • We have the necessary qualifications as well as a great experience acquired throughout a lifetime of surfing and skateboarding around the world.
  • We teach you following a system that adapts to your level in a safe, effective and fun way.


  • We have the necessary equipment for both surfing and skateboarding.
  • Don’t you have material? no problem, we’ll leave it for you.
  • If you only want material we rent it to you.


  • We are located on the beachfront in the mythical building “La Churrería” in Deba, recently renovated.
  • The premises and all the facilities are brand new.
  • Our location is ideal for both surfing and skating.


  • We have the necessary surfing license, granted by the town hall of Deba.
  • All the instructors have a level 1 surf coach qualification.
  • In addition Kepa Lores is a superior technician of sport activities.
  • We have an accident insurance that covers the students.


  • Commitment to the environment and the values it entails.
  • Our purpose is to share our passion and acquired knowledge.
  • To create a space for growth within the surf culture.
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Group surf class at the IPAR surf school in Deba Basque Country